Jeet Kune Do Classes

Private/Personal Training: private JKD training is the preferred class format as it allows for the greatest level of flexibility and personalization.  This was Bruce Lee’s preferred way to teach and a teaching ethos we have also adopted as SGV JKD.  Semi-Private/Small Group: training with a variety of partners is essential to developing reality based martial arts application skills.  Semi-private JKD classes are small classes generally consisting of four to six students per instructor, thus allowing for a relatively high level of personal attention while also offering a variety of training partners.


Adult Classes Only (16yrs and up)

Training Rates and Class Tuition

Private Jeet Kune Do / Personal Training: Highly personalized private Jeet Kune Do and fitness training. This unique form of personal training combines functional fitness and self defense training specially tailored to your needs for maximum results.

Adult Classes Only (16yrs and up)


Semi-Private Group Jeet Kune Do Classes: (limit eight students): Exclusive small group class setting combining interactive, partner based Jeet Kune Do training with functional fitness training. Learn to apply through live, dynamic training and safe, supervised sparring.

Jeet Kune Do Online

Now you can learn Jeet Kune Do from the privacy of your own home. Our online Jeet Kune Do training uses a unique teaching format that includes detailed descriptions and demonstrations of techniques combined with special drills and virtual training partners to maximize learning effectiveness. Online video classes average 30 minutes and are downloadable in high definition — the perfect supplement to your JKD training.

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