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Jeet Kune Do Training Online
Learn Jeet Kune Do onlineat JKDU, the online Jeet Kune Do University dedicated to teaching authentic, original Jeet Kune Do.By enrolling into the unique JKDU training program, you will receive: 

Weekly, downloadable Jeet Kune Do lessons in High Definition averaging 30 minutes in length
Virtual training partners so that you can practice without a partner on your own schedule
Member only forums with direct access to instructors dedicated to your advancement
Supplemental training videos for: strength, flexibility, balance, and more
Hero Level Membership (two lessons per week)
$47 monthly (cancel anytime)
Apprentice Level Membership (one lesson per week)
$37 monthly (cancel anytime)
JKD Fundamentals 3-DVD Set
Fundamentals DVD Set: $67.95
The essential reference tool for your Jeet Kune Do videotraining library.This 3-DVD set contains the core JKD techniques split into four sections: 

Learn elusive footwork such as the step-slide, push shuffle, and the quick advance/retreat. Basic punching techniques taught are the straight lead, biu jee, cross, hook, uppercut, shovel hook and backfist. The kicking portion covers the scoop kick, ball kick, lead/rear hook, lead/rear side kick, inverted hook and the flip kick. The Trapping segment will demonstrate four corners, pak sao, lop sao, huen sao, jao sao and jut sao.
Jeet Kune Do Footwork Special Edition

JKD Footwork DVD: $37.00
Known for lighting fast, efficient, yet elusive movements, this DVD is an in depth study of Jeet Kune Do footwork.The JKD Footwork DVD provides detailed demonstrations of all the necessary steps and footwork combinations along with drills and specialized training methods for effective long range combat. 

Techniques presented include: Lead Step, Push Step, Step & Slide, Pendulum, Curve Steps, Pivoting, Rocker Shuffle, Quick Step, Step Out, Heel/Toe Sway and much more

This is a special limited DVD with cover jacket signed by world renowned Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Tim Tacket from the Wednesday Night Group.
JKD Advanced Drills (VOL.1)
JKD Drills Vol.1 DVD: $34.95
Explore beyond the basics with detailed drills and training methods used by the Wednesday Night Group to prepare intermediate level students for hard sparring. These are the proper methods for training the basic techniques learned on other videos. Interception is stressed as always and several timing and reaction drills are demonstrated here. Other drills featured in this volume include advancing, retreating, and angular footwork, punching vs. matched and unmatched leads, and offensive/defensive boxing drills. Advanced Training Drills Volume 1 gives the practitioner a basis for developing their own personalized drills.
JKD Advanced Drills (VOL.2)
JKD Drills Vol. 2 DVD: $34.95
The follow up to Jeet Kune Do: Advanced Training Drills Volume 1 covers more training methods and drills used by the Wednesday Night Group.
Famous Techniques DVD
JKD Techniques DVD: $25.95
Three of the most famous techniques found in Jeet Kune Do are taught here, the One Inch Punch, the Hammer Principle, and the Straight Blast. Included are detailed instructions and demonstrations of each technique. As an added bonus you will receive an additional technique (Basic Chi Sao) plus two interviews with Bob Bremer and Tim Tackett on the history of Jeet Kune Do. This is a great deal on high quality dvd instruction from Jeremy Lynch and the Wednesday Night Group.

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