Jeet Kune Do Class Locations

Our Jeet Kune Do classes are taught at a more personalized grass roots level, as Bruce Lee preferred to teach, and are therefore held at private locations and public parks.  As of mid 2010, our commercial locations in the Los Angeles area were dissolved and all Jeet Kune Do classes are taught on a private or semi-private level on a minimally commercial level.

For our beginning level classes open to the general public, visit the Los Angeles Jeet Kune Do Meetup page.

Private training and small group classes held at indoor private venues are also available upon request.

Current listings of privately hosted Jeet Kune Do classes in the Los Angeles and San Diego area are posted at the bottom of this page.

Interested in forming your own Jeet Kune Do training group?

This is a perfect alternative for those interested in having more control and flexibility over the subject matter, environment, and training partners.  If you have your own group of friends and family totaling two or more individuals, you may book your own regular class time with an instructor.

Monthly rates start at $600/mo for one 90 minute class per week.  The flat fee may be split among all attending students (maximum of eight).

For more information call 626.415.8155 or email for more information.

Visit the links below for current listings of our privately hosted semi-private classes.


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