Jeet Kune Do Backyard GroupJeet Kune Do training, for those who are interested in what Bruce Lee was actually teaching as opposed to other martial arts with vague JKD “concepts” being applied, is simply not easy to find.

Now it is, as Jeet Kune Do University opens its doors as the first online based JKD organization designed to offer a training experience that most closely simulates the progression of an actual training group and an experienced instructor.

This has been a project more than two years in the making that began with a passion for martial arts and a desire to make available a powerful tool for self development that was once almost exclusively available to private closed door training groups.  The founder himself closed down his commercial schools in favor of private and backyard style training.

Bruce Lee never wanted his system to be commercialized and preserved as a martial “doctrine” but he also did not foresee the enduring inspiration for evolution of thought and self empowerment that his legacy would catalyze.

The martial arts phenomenon that has fascinated people for nearly four decades after the the founder’s passing, yet has remained elusive to the general public, is now available to all anywhere and anytime.

The purpose of Jeet Kune Do University is not to crystallize JKD into the be-all-end-all of combative expression, but rather to offer you an authentic, proven, time tested framework and point of inspiration from which you will launch your own personal Jeet Kune Do and path to self knowledge.

See you in class!

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